Hosting your WordPress site.

HostGator is a great option for hosting your WordPress site. Below is a short video that goes over the WordPress installation. The great thing about HastGator is that you can run unlimited domains on their baby plan.

Hosting with HostGator


Long Tail Pro

Long Taill Pro is a keyword research tool. It will allow you to analyze tons of keywords at the same time. Long Tail Pro will save you hours of time searching for keywords that you can rank for. It will also save you both time and money on building sites that are very hard to rank for.

Click the link below to watch a video that goes over the must have program in more detail.

Long Tail Pro

Here are a few screen shots

This screen shot shows the main features: Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, & Rank Checker.


Here is a screen shot of of the Keyword Research feature. I like the fact that you can run multiple keywords at the same time.

Long Tail Pro 2

This last screen shot shows the Competitor Analysis this is best part of the program…

Long Tail Pro

Follow this link to watch the video.


Nite Ize Partners with Affiliate Marketing Company, Versa Marketing Inc., for Affiliate Program Management

Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

Nite Ize was founded by creativity and has continued to commit to innovation throughout 23 years of business. Nite Ize products and brands strive to exemplify problem/solution based products with quality and performance at the core. They create products that consumers need and make them work. Nite Ize is extremely passionate about their products, their customers satisfaction, their team members, partners, and the environment.

CEO and Founder Rick Case started Nite Ize while attending the University of Colorado in 1989. In the years that have passed, Nite Ize has grown from a bright idea into a company that produces and sells a wide variety of accessories, tools, and devices. Every product offered is designed with innovation for superior functionality, manufactured with top-of-the-line materials for optimum durability, and aimed at making life easier, safer, and more fun.

The Nite Ize affiliate program will be launched in the Commission Junction affiliate network. Commission Junction provides advanced performance marketing solutions which help online retailers facilitate affiliate relationships. When launched, the Nite Ize affiliate marketing program will be offering a competitive 12% base commission payout with a 60 day tracking cookie. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through Commission Junction or contact Versa Marketing Inc. for more information and assistance getting started.

Versa Marketing Inc. is a full-service internet marketing agency, considered to be one of the top affiliate marketing companies. Based in Boulder, CO., Versa Marketing works with a wide variety of clients across multiple verticals.

Super Affiliate Jamie Lewis Lets Secrets Out

Dry Ridge, Kentucky (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Nothing like this has been seen before. In many the years of marketing online. This is the first time to any acknowledge that a Clickbank Super affiliate (Jamie Lewis) has reached out and offered help making a first sale online to the public whom starts marketing as an advertising affiliate. Jamie Lewis has been rated rank #2 by Clickbank, Affiliroma, Click2sell, Etc. He is known well by affiliate marketers. Jamie Lewis can be found by Google, Youtube, Search engines all over the web.

Jamie Lewis is the real deal. “This software is among one of the top ten best selling, beginner friendly easy to use software. I offer a free one on one session with whom ever applies to this great offer. The advise that I have offered free is well worth over $ 5,000, Plus the software well worth over $ 3,000. Its not the money I’m after, I don’t need nor do I want your money. The fact of the matter, I know what it is like to struggle with debt, not have much of anything. I feel the need that it’s time I give back and help others succeed as I have. It’s really not hard to do,” says Jamie Lewis.

Jamie Lewis has been generating millions on Clickbank for the past 5 years in more than 10 different markets, and he’s dedicated his time to show whom ever applies. With a set mind as well to share knowledge exactly how he does it, and have whom applies go out and do the same.

Jamie Lewis says, “A URL link has been provided with a video to watch, There will be given proof on video of the yearly income tax returns and other proof thereof. This is really exciting to me.”

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Free Video on Absolute Essentials for Ebook Marketing Success by Tony Darrick Baker Now Available

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

According to Amazon, they now offer over one million ebooks through their online store and kindle platform. This new milestone has caused a good number of writers to take ebook publishing and marketing seriously. According to Forrester research, $ 1BN worth of eBooks were bought worldwide this year. Forester believes that $ 3BN will be bought by 2015.

“Thousands of writers and aspiring artists are now able to publish directly to consumers using a variety of epublishing sources such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Smashwords, Clickbank, and CreateSpace.” Said Tony Darrick Baker, Internet Marketing expert at

Ebook Marketing is becoming much more competitive as more writers enter the market. “Authors are going to have to be much smarter about how they market their business if they expect to penetrate the most profitable niches that have until now been dominated by major publishing companies.” said Baker.

This Ebook Marketing tips video includes tips on:

Establishing and regularly updating a website or blog.
Considering Search Engine Optimization and Keywords in the Titles of Your Books and Sub-Titles.
Creating titles that are compelling and answer “What’s in it for me.”
Cross promoting other titles within your ebook.

To find out more this free video and other ebook marketing tips, please visit:

About Tony Darrick Baker

Over the last 20 years, Tony Darrick Baker has served thousands of individuals, in all walks of life, throughout the United States and Canada, as an advisor, counselor, mentor, speaker, publisher, coach, and entrepreneur.

Baker is dedicated to helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent marketing representatives build and expand their businesses through marketing.